We strongly recommend the rotation of at least two sleeping bags for a couple of reasons.

     1. You have a back up when one is soiled
     2. Having options for different seasons - see our temperature guide for the best combination for you.
     3. In a six-month period (newborn to 6 months) most children sleep on average 3,000 hours and rotating two bags 
         enables you to get the most out of your Go Go Bag. Your Go Go Bag is made from all natural fibres and contains no
         polyesters so please follow the washing instructions carefully.

Merino fibers have an amazing characteristic of drawing moisture away from the body and either absorbing or releasing this moisture, which eliminates clamminess and ensures that the garments remain odor-free. The fibers work this way in our garments the same as they do in the sheep that supply our Merino.

HANDY TIP: Hang your Go Go Bag over the cot or bed to air out between sleeps and unless the Go Go Bag is soiled, you only need to wash it every 2 weeks. What a time saver for busy families!!