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Where do you get your merino from?


Woolmark Merino Kids

Our superfine merino is sourced from New Zealand and Australian farms through Woolmark accredited farmers who meet the highest on-farm standards. This provides our customers with certainty that product quality, animal welfare and health, environmental, economic and social values are positively addressed. 

Our merino growers pride themselves on their best practices to ensure the highest on-farm standards with respect to animal welfare, farming practices, and environmental management. 

Maintaining high animal welfare standards is an essential part of Merino Kids values and as a company we believe in best farm practice e.g. non mulesed and the use of ‘ethical wool’. For this reason we seek to develop relationships with farmers who share our core values. Merino Kids use superfine merino wool that is sourced from sheep that have not been mulesed.

New Zealand-grown merino sheep are reared and run on high ground, where fly strike isn’t an issue, so the practice of mulesing is not a problem in New Zealand.

In Australia we source wool from Bally Glunin Park which has received many awards for its approach to animal welfare and land management. Merino Kids is proud to partner with The Woolmark Company and further details of this relationship are available here.

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