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Go Go Bag - Sherpa - Green

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The Sherpa Go Go Bag® is the warmest winter baby sleeping bag on the market with its patented lining... it will keep your baby safe, warm and cozy this winter! See 'More Info' tab for more information about our Sherpa Go Go Bag®.

  • Size: Baby (0-2yrs) and Toddler (2-4yrs)
  • Lining: 100% superfine merino fleece lining sewn into an 'open weave polyester backing'. See the 'MORE INFO' tab to find out how this amazing lining works.
  • Outer: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Temperature Range: 12 and 18°C
  • Packaging: Free drawstring travel bag


    • Under arm domes (poppers) for when baby is little. If the domes no longer fit, baby no longer needs them.
    • YKK zip opens from the bottom for easy nappy changes
    • Travel vent for easy transfer from buggy to cot

More Info

The Sherpa Go Go Bag® is a revolutionary design and a world-first in terms of how the lining is made. The luxuriously soft and dense merino lining provides the warmest and snuggliest micro-climate for your baby, as well as providing a natural cushion while your baby sleeps. The merino fur lining acts as a buffer against changing room temperatures – keeping your baby warm in the coldest of temperatures and cool in the warmer climates.  Any moisture is absorbed and released away from your sleeping baby; in essence your child becomes perfectly adapted to their sleeping environment.
Our thickest merino wool lining yet is held together with a mesh of merino and extremely fine polyester threads to help create a secure backing for our plush merino wool.  This provides a far superior stability to this merino wool fleece lining by doubling it in strength, providing the ability to naturally move and reset.  The result of this ground-breaking design, means that only 100% merino touches your baby’s skin providing the same natural comfort as all of our products you have come to know and love!

We also recommend our Duvet Weight and Standard Weight Go Go Bag™ as a 100% natural option to our range.

Founder and designer Amie Nilsson continues her dedicated research and development work alongside her team to find natural alternatives to the use of man-made fibre in the continual effort to offer products that help reduce our impact on the environment.

The Go Go Bag is an international award-winning baby sleep bag which is designed with the safety and comfort of your baby in mind. It is specifically for babies and toddlers and uses only 100% natural fibres – 100% superfine merino wool & 100% certified organic cotton.

The Merino Kids® Go Go Bag® is perfect for all seasons and environments, keeping your child WARM in the cold and COOL in the heat. Merino’s unparalleled ability to “breathe” means it helps regulate your child’s temperature. So use it all year round without the risk of overheating.

No need to use sheets or blankets which can disturb a child’s sleep when it wriggles free or gets tangled up. Your child will WAKE LESS inside the safety of the Go Go Bag® but it can still kick and move around naturally. Simply add clothing layers within the bag for extra warmth if required.

It can be taken anywhere, allowing your child to be easily transferred from a car seat or buggy into their cot or bed. It is safe for your child and amazingly practical. A popular alternative to sheets & blankets, the Go Go Bag has passed vigorous fire safety tests and is labelled LOW FIRE RISK.

Why is the Go Go Bag the most recommended baby sleep bag by parents in New Zealand and Australia?

      • We use only the very best superfine merino in all our Go Go Bags. It is 100% SUPERFINE MERINO and NOT BLENDED with cotton or any other fabrics. This means it is the best at regulating your baby's temperature. As soon as you blend the merino with anything else, it reduces its ability to regulate temperature.
      • The lining is 100% superfine merino is so it's as close to your baby's skin as possible (if not against baby's skin) again so it can REGULATE BABY'S TEMPERATURE. If you have cotton lining with a merino outer, the merino won't regulate your baby's temperature, it just acts as a blanket and your baby can still wake up cold.
      • The outer layer of the Go Go Bag is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton to act as an insulating layer (much like putting a blanket over baby) and to provide durability. Because merino is such a delicate, soft fibre, if a baby was to walk around in their Go Go Bag, the cotton prevents them from wearing it through allowing the Go Go Bag to LAST A LIFETIME!

The Go Go Bag has many design benefits including:

      • Prevents your baby from waking after wriggling out of their blankets
      • Keeps your baby at a safe and comfortable temperature throughout the night
      • Babies associate their Go Go Bag with sleep so will settle more easily in unfamiliar surroundings
      • Perfect for children with allergies, eczema and sensitive skin due to merino being super soft, natural and breathable
      • Promotes healthy hip development and is certified as a Hip-healthy product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
      • Patented seatbelt vent for ease of use in a carseat or buggy when you are out and about
      • Heavy duty YKK zip opens from the bottom allowing for an easy nappy change without taking the bag off 
      • Underarm domes (poppers) to adjust the size for smaller babies
      • Double domes (poppers) on one shoulder to help prevent houdini babies escaping as they get older
      • Machine washable. Merino also naturally repels odour so you can air out between washes and it 'self cleans' meaning you only need to wash it when it's soiled.
      • Naturally LOW FIRE DANGER

Try our SLEEP SELECTOR today and we'll recommend the perfect sleep solution for your baby, giving you peace of mind they are at a safe, regulated temperature throughout their sleep all year round!

Size Chart

Our garments are lovingly handmade so all sizes are approximate and for guidance only.

Size Guide Chest Width (at knee position) Length (from back neck line down)
0-2yrs (Baby) 26.5cm 51.5cm 84cm
2-4yrs (Toddler) 31cm 55cm 101cm

Not sure what size to get?

  • The 0-2yr Go Go Bag can be used from newborn (minimum weight 3.2kgs/7lbs) by fastening the domes (poppers) under your baby's arms for about the first 6 months. It is designed to be worn until your baby's toes are touching the end of the bag. There is plenty of width and room for baby to grow into the baby sleep bag.
  • The 2-4yr Go Go Bag can be used from 12 months if your baby is on the tall side, again just fasten the domes (poppers) under your baby's arms. They should grow out of neeeding to be in a sleeping bag before they physically out grow this size. Click here for tips on how to transistion baby from cot to bed and how the toddler sleep bag can help with this transition.


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